Frontend frameworks are useful collections of code and assets that speed up and standardize the development of the frontend of your web apps. Two popular frontend frameworks are Bootstrap and Foundation. In the book, we offer an example of how you would include Boostrap into your WordPress theme.

Here is similar code to use Foundation in your theme. First, download the Foundation library from their website and place it into a /foundation/ folder in your theme. Then add the following code to the functions.php of your theme.

This will get the Foundation code and assets loaded into your theme. From here, you’ll have to follow their docs for how to actually start using their grid, CSS classes, and widgets in your theme.

I’m going to talking at the Philly Burbs Meetup tonight. If you are anywhere near Phoenixville, PA you should come. If you are anywhere near the Philly suburbs, you should join the burbs meetup group.

What am I going to be talking about? Building Web Apps with WordPress of course! I’m going to use this blog post to organize my notes.

Apps vs Websites

Websites with the following are more “appy”:

  1. Interactive elements.
  2. Tasks rather than content.
  3. Logins.
  4. Device capabilities.
  5. Offline use.
  6. Mashups.

Why use WordPress?

  1. You are already using WordPress.
  2. CMS
  3. User management.
  4. Plugins.
  5. Flexibility
  6. Security
  7. Cost

Using WordPress to Launch a “Lean” Business

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries summarized:

  1. Launch a minimal viable product (MVP) early.
  2. Experiment often.
  3. Iterate quickly.

With WordPress:

  1. One pager to announce product.
  2. Gather email addresses. (MVP)
  3. Add static pages.
  4. Add a blog.
  5. Add forums.
  6. Paid Memberships Pro to GET PAID.
  7. Build app into site, instant users.
  8. AppPresser for native mobile apps.

But but but… scaling

  • People talk about scaling too early.
  • Throwing money at hardware is okay.
  • Optimize your server.
  • Cache smartly.
  • Custom tables.
  • Bypass WordPress.

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